Pick Up Escort vs Louisiana Police Officer Who Pulled Over Pick Up Escort

Pick Up Escort

The Police Officer who pulled over Pick Up Escort, a passenger in a black Mercedes, was investigating a suspicious person. The officer suspected the vehicle was being driven by someone without a driver’s license. The officer asked the Escort to put his hands on the hood of the car and pat him down to look for weapons. The Escort complied with the pat down, and then reached for something in his right pocket. The Escort was then taken into custody.

The Escort’s account of the events is in dispute. The Escort claims to have run about seven to eight steps, while the Officer Miles claims to have run across the street to a nearby church parking lot. Although there is some difference in the accounts, the difference is not material enough to support a motion for summary judgment.

The Escort’s car was stopped after the officer spotted him making an illegal U-turn on Hollywood Drive in Lafayette, Louisiana. The Officer noticed the Escort was stumbling and had an odor of PCP emanating from him. The Escort initially said he had his driver’s license and proof of insurance. However, the Officer was not satisfied with this and began chasing him.

The Escort claimed the police officer threatened him, and the officer had no other choice but to handcuff him. The officer also threatened to call the probation officer. The Escort refused to admit to the police that he had broken his arm. The officer threatened to tow the car and tell the probation officer about the injury. The Escort did not want to go to the hospital for medical help. The X-ray did not show a fracture, but it was sufficient to make a diagnosis.

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