Pick Up Escort v. Lafayette Police Department

Pick Up Escort

Police officers stopped a car driven by a man named Pick Up Escort, who had no license and insurance, while he was traveling alone. The officer asked the driver to put his hands on the hood to perform a pat down for weapons. When the driver did not comply, the officer saw him reaching into his right pocket for something. The driver immediately fled, throwing something to the ground. The driver argued that he did not have a weapon, but he admitted to taking 7-8 steps, which was a violation of the law.

Officer Miles noticed the Escort making an illegal U-turn on Hollywood Drive in Lafayette, Louisiana. He asked the driver for identification and noticed a strong odor emanating from his person. The officer smelled PCP, which the officer said was not normal. The driver initially claimed to have proof of insurance and a driver’s license, but he was not driving legally and the officer caught up with him.

In Chicago, men who pimp are treated harshly. In some cases, they are even prosecuted and sent to jail. If found guilty, escort drivers could be branded a sex trafficker, which is the same as being a pedophile. The police also shame men who pimp.

In Brister v. Robinson, police officers’ actions failed to meet the standard in Brister v. Robinson. Although Brister admitted to consulting with a prison doctor, he failed to demonstrate that his medical needs were not met. He did not have to wait for 3 minutes for medical help after being handcuffed by Officer Miles.

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