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A few weeks ago I was contacted by a Pick Up Escort, who wanted to let me know my opinion on a new website that they were using. They’d joined just the week before and had several pick up attempts within an hour of joining, so naturally I tested them out and had received 0 likes on my first post. The first thing I did when I got the email was to go onto the website and read through all of it to see if it was real, then I tried to log in using my user name, which I’m sure is unusual, then I went back to my search results and I could not find it there, but I sure did find the email address of one of the founders.

Pick Up Escort

I was sent a couple more emails asking me to join a free trial, which I declined because I’ve always said that running gear and escorts aren’t real and they’re only running scams. But the next day I was contacted by another Escort. This time it was from a guy who’d joined just the day before and was telling me how wonderful the site was, he told me about all the benefits and set up his own free trail and then he asked if I’d like to join. Okay so I did, he sent me a couple of photos of his dog and he said he runs a full-time job.

The other Escort gave me another photo of his dog and said he runs a full-time job and he could not afford to hire any women to do the job. So he was going to send me a money back guarantee, which I told him I would. He sent me a link to a forum where he and several other men were talking about all the benefits of membership and how good the girls were at it. Okay so now I want to take a closer look into what this whole forum thread starter thing is all about.

The first forum topic on the Pick Up Escort thread started with this: “hey guy’s a little bit different from the rest of you. I joined the Escort Club because I wanted to make more money in my business. Not sure the ladies are paid as well as the guys, I don’t mind the rough edge but they have to treat the girls with respect. And a few times they gave me a hard time but hey they are only human and it happens sometimes.”

The second post in the same thread talked about a man who got a “four” on his first try. He received 1 like on 1 post, someone suggested he go get a beer and a slice of pizza and that is when things started getting strange. He talked about the experience and a girl told him he should have more friends in it. He was really confused about what happened and didn’t really think much of it until the next day when he went to breakfast and saw that the Escort Club site had been bumped to the top of the Google rankings. He was really excited about the new possibilities this could bring him.

A guy named Mike told me about his experience as an Escort and I decided to join him and see what it was like being an Escort. I received 0 likes on 0 posts after I added myself to the list and then waited for a few days to see if I would receive any replies. Nothing. I was really sad about that because I really enjoyed the whole idea of becoming an Escort and all the positive responses I would get from other members if I should become one.

So then I did something I shouldn’t have and joined the “old school” and started browsing the old forum posts. Itrader had been around since 2002 so I figured there must be something I was missing. Itrader had a great history and I just needed to look for some feedback on how I could make running gear even better and attract more members.

I skimmed through a couple pages and then stumbled upon a comment from a guy who was super nice and I decided to join him. I quickly gained a few followers who were very welcoming and helpful. They helped me pick out the best gear I could find which is a key element to building up your reputation with the ladies. Once I had all the right gear I really did attract more members and they seemed to respond better to me than I did to them. If you are running gear get it signed up with itrader before its too late.

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