Pick Up Escort

Pick Up Escort

While attempting to pick up an Escort, Officer Miles encountered a car with no license. The driver refused to pull over and ran away. Officer Miles approached the car and asked the Escort to put his hands on his hood. Officer Miles requested that the Escort be patted down for weapons. The Escort did not object, but he did reach into his right pocket and threw something on the ground.

Escorts are provided by law enforcement, security, and peacekeeping forces. These vehicles can carry three people each. They are also equipped with seat belts and a smooth aluminum interior. They are ideal for a night out on the town. Escorts are not available for hire in all areas of the city, so be sure to reserve one in advance. While using an escort, you should always remember to ask the driver to take you to a safe location.

Officer Miles initially stopped the Escort because he made an illegal U-turn on Hollywood Drive. The officer was suspicious of the Escort’s behavior. The officer smelled a chemical odor emanating from his person, which was consistent with PCP use. The Escort initially stated that he was not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The police officer then overtook the vehicle and he took him into custody.

The Escort contends that the police officer Miles violated his rights when he handcuffed him. When the Escort tried to explain his injuries to Officer Miles, he was threatened. The officer told the Escort to stop telling people about his injuries because it would affect his probation. The officer also warned the Escort that if he told anyone, he would tell his probation officer.

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